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From The Bridge to Hinterland at the Birmingham Literature Festival

Hans Rosenfeldt and Ed Thomas

Hans Rosenfeldt (The Bridge) and Ed Thomas (Hinterland)

A perfect chaser for the talk by Walter Iuozzolino, he of Walter Presents, had to be the talk given by crime drama writer-creators Hans Rosenfeldt, of Swedish/Danish production The Bridge (Bron/Broen), and Ed Thomas, writer-creator of Welsh/English crime drama Hinterland (Y Gwyll). Walter curates subtitled drama, but what goes into writing Рand indeed, creating Рdramas which are filmed in two languages? This fascinating talk was hosted by Lisa Holdsworth, who has written for New Tricks, Robin Hood and Midsomer Murders, amongst others.

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My first blog post


Just last week, I was giving a talk about ‘Social media for authors’ at Book to the Future – the University of Birmingham’s literature festival. I do social media as part of my day job, and I do it for fun out of hours. I used to do it as part of running my vintage clothing shop, and I do it now for my genealogy website, Essex & Suffolk Surnames.

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